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Myanmar PlasPrintPack 2022

09.12.2022 — 12.12.2022
Мьянма (Бирма), Янгон
Yangon Convention Centre - YCC
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Myanmar PlasPrintPack 2022
09.12.2022 — 12.12.2022

Myanmar Plas Print Pack Exhibition has been the best platform for plastic, rubber, packing and printing industry in Myanmar. Many of the world’s well-known brands are trying to enter this golden market since Myanmar opens up its economy.


Myanmar has the population of 56.3 million people, with GDP of US$ 59 billion and US$1,400 per capita. Overall economic growth rate comes in at 8.3%. The world has starting to see Myanmar as the last piece of pure land in Southeast Asia due to its outstanding economic status and the democratic revolution in 2011.

Myanmar's economy is built on agriculture exportation which is 37.1% of their GDP, but agriculture in the country still runs on traditional machinery. Under the circumstances, outstanding machines for farming from Taiwan stands a good chance to help improve the farming productivity and the quality of their crop. Manufacturing industry takes up 21.3% of Myanmar's GDP. The demand for manufacturing instrument can be fulfilled by Taiwan due to its excellent machinery manufacturing. As for the service industry which covers 41.6% of Myanmar’s GDP has unlocked the potential market for building material related industries.

The plastic, rubber, printing and packing industries in Myanmar have huge demands for importing raw materials, machineries and equipment due to its rapidly growing economic and the trend of upgrading its factories.

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