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ZEME ZIVITELKA - Bread Basket 2024

22.08.2024 — 27.08.2024
Чехия, Ceske Budejovice
Výstaviste Ceské Budejovice
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ZEME ZIVITELKA - Bread Basket 2024
22.08.2024 — 27.08.2024

The 48th edition of Země živitelka begins on Thursday, August 22, 2024. Země živitelka is the largest and most important agrosalon of its type focusing on the agricultural sector across all its branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Agrosalon also promotes Czech food. Země živitelka offers visitors the widest range of agricultural fields in one place , news from the fields of agricultural technology, hunting, beekeeping, fishing, food or livestock, a comprehensive presentation of agriculture from history to current trends, as well as news in research and education.

Individual agricultural fields are presented across the entire complex, they have their own pavilions and their own program. The largest part of the area is dedicated to agricultural technology , especially the main routes and pavilion Z.  An attractive accompanying program takes place at the showroom , pavilions D1 to D3 and farm pens and boxes house livestock,  pavilion T1 belongs to Czech producers offering quality Czech food which can be tasted and purchased at discounted prices. Professional organizations, agricultural institutions and companies that supplement the expositions of individual regions of the Czech Republic regularly exhibit here. All organizations that are in Hall T1 provide professional information to the public, including information materials.

Competition for the best exhibited ZLATÝ KLAS, announced by the Ministry of Agriculture, has already become an integral part of the International Agrosalon Země živitelka and takes place under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture. The competition exhibits are top products and innovations from the field of technology and mechanization of work in agriculture, science and research in agriculture or repair, as well as exhibits from the food industry, forestry and water management, and in the field of environmental protection. Competitive exhibits are divided into 4 categories: crop production; animal production; mechanization; food and processing industry. The award is given by a competition jury composed of experts (representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, vocational education, research institutes, control institutions of the agri-food complex). Up to 30 awards can be distributed each year in the competition. 

Professional seminars, programs and a rich accompanying program take place throughout the breadwinner's country.

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