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MUNI EXPO Innovation Fair / MUNI WORLD 2022

06.12.2022 — 08.12.2022
Израиль, Тель-Авив
Tel Aviv convention center
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MUNI EXPO Innovation Fair / MUNI WORLD 2022
06.12.2022 — 08.12.2022

The largest, most significant and most extensive annual event of the local government in Israel, which includes a trade fair, professional conferences and an international event - Muni World


The event is attended by about 9,000 senior executives from 257 authorities and 400 municipal companies and corporations. Only once a year, you can find under one roof, all the Israeli municipal tops for an extraordinary experience of meeting, learning, exchanging opinions and ideas and exposure to suppliers and businesses operating in the sector. The event is a fertile ground for innovation, business entrepreneurship and the weaving of industry-wide business relationships. The strength of the conference stems from the cooperation that the participants are embroidering and its impact on the daily lives of millions of citizens in the country.

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