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27.09.2022 — 30.09.2022
Ирак, Bagdad
Baghdad International Fairground
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27.09.2022 — 30.09.2022

IRAQ BUILD SHOW, the one international construction show in Iraq, with the support of the Iraqi Ministry of construction and housing and also the Ministry of trade and industry , succeeds in gathering all the constituents of international and Iraqi construction companies under one roof.

The distinguished event will be held from 27-30 September 2022 in Baghdad International Fairground

Iraq makes immense efforts to increase the production and waiting for international investment. The Iraqi building and construction sector came in 7th among the Arab and neighboring countries in terms of gross value added at 9 billion dollars, and the sector’s percentage of the total GDP took 5th place at 7.43% in 2019 compared to the given countries. Iraq is a country where many developed countries compete with each other for the share of the projects and tenders. According to Iraq Ministry of Construction and Housing, Iraq needs foreign companies, investors for school, hospital, road, bridge, housing and infrastructure projects. Iraq Build stands out as the only doorway to the advantageous Iraqi construction market. With the support of the Iraqi Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and bringing together the public and private sectors, Iraq Build offers a vast range of products and projects both to decision makers and international investors from the construction sector. By increasing understanding of your business venture, we give the most ideal positioning of your brand during the moments of greatest impact, assuring that you reach your clients in the perfect spot, at the opportune time, with the correct platform leading to signing new contracts and prosperity.

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