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KTM 2024

07.11.2024 — 09.11.2024
Турция, Kahramanmaras
Kahramanmaras Fair Center (KAFUM)
Полное название выставки
KTM 2024
07.11.2024 — 09.11.2024

The textile sector continues to be one the leading and most important sectors in the economy of Kahramanmaraş. The sector, going beyond the standards of Turkey, particularly with the acceleration gained in technology and quality, has reached to a level where it can comfortably compete in the global textile markets in terms of technology and quality.
In the textile industry, being at the largest sector position of the city, annually 359 thousand tons of yarn, 138 million meters of woven fabric, 49 million meters of denim, 122 thousand tons of knitted fabrics and 22.7 million units of apparel is produced. In addition, 191 thousand tons of dyeing and bleaching operations are carried out.

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