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Agritek Shymkent 2023

08.11.2023 — 10.11.2023
Казахстан, Шымкент
KSU Exhibition center
Полное название выставки
Agritek Shymkent 2023
08.11.2023 — 10.11.2023

International Exhibition for Agruculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry & Stock Breeding in Southern Kazakhstan


Agricultural technology & Supplies

Machinery and equipment for soil working and seed-bed preparation
Machinery and equipment for drilling and sowing
Machinery and equipment for fertilizing
Machinery and equipment for plant protection
Machinery and equipment for irrigation and drainage
Machinery and equipment for harvesting
Machinery and equipment for harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage
Components, spare parts, accessories
Agricultural electronics
Equipment for measuring and weighing
Handling, haymaking, silage
Greenhouses & film tunnel structures
Greenhouse covering material
Gardening equipment
Landscaping & forestry
Seeds & nursery materials
Fertilizer & soil additives
Insecticides, herbicides & fungicides
Petroleum products
Bags & plastic film, packaging

Animal Husbandry & Stock Breeding

Breeding animals & breeding programs
Hatchery technology and equipment
Reproduction technology
Animal feed & additives
Feed preparation & distributing equip.
Health, hygiene & veterinary technology
Pollution and animal wastes treatment
Livestock building & monitoring equip.
Animal enclosures, fasteners, flooring etc.
Incubators, egg grading & packaging
Egg & poultry Processing technologies
Milking, milk storage & processing
Poultry feeders, cages, hatcheries, etc.
Animal feed production technologies
Aquaculture technology & supplies

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