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Kish ENEX 2018

22.01.2018 — 25.01.2018
Иран, Kish
Kish International Exhibition Centre
Полное название выставки
Kish ENEX 2018
22.01.2018 — 25.01.2018

The 14th International Energy Exhibition will be held in Kish Int'l Exhibitions Center, Kish Island, Iran on 22– 25January, 2018 as a place to introduce the country abilities in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemicals, water & electricity, new energy, chemicals & related industries.

Considering the subject of the mentioned show, presence of many local & foreign companies would be predicted.

One of the important tools of companies, private & local institutes to reach their target could be the existence of different local & international exhibitions which had been considered important in recent years.

A vast advertising program has been considered in local & foreign levels of the show for local visitors & participants, foreign investors & merchants especially from Persian Gulf zone, Middle East, Middle Asia & further countries travel to Kish Island to visit this exhibition in order to negotiate, sign contract & find their commercial sides.

Hope continuous of this exhibition beside other shows takes an effective step in improving this industry inside the country.

Индустриальные сектора
  • Petroleum, Gas, Petrochemical Industry, Water, Electricity, Renewable Energy, Chemical Materials:

Collecting information and establishing information centers
Libraries and information centers
Financial, social and optimization practical studies
Controlling and schematization
Energy management
Energy optimizations and assessments
Project management and executive supervision
Management consultant
Hygienic, safety and environment management
Consulting about the safety and marine environment protection
Consulting about protecting the marine environment from the Petroleum pollutions
Consulting about the redundant organisms in the marine environments  

  • Exploration, Production and Exploitation

Geophysics (Gravimeters, Magnetometer, Seismograph and etc.)
Subterranean Geology
Petro physic
Storage's layers modelisation
Drilling engineering
Drilling operations
Petroleum engineering
Oil and gas resources Exploitation
 Designing and Engineering

  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical engineering design

Marine structures design
Land structures design
Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals pipe lines design
Pressure controlling stations design
Land and Marine pipelines design
Storage engineering design
Oil and Gas separation plant design
Liquid gas plants design
Oil refineries design
Gas refineries design
Petrochemical complexes design
General engineering design
Industrial design
Architecture and civil engineering
Interior design
Structures design
Complexes Design
Building design
Foundation design
Building's installation design
Road making
Railways design
Traffic engineering
Environmental engineering
Automation engineering
Mechanical engineering
Kiln engineering design
Cement plant engineering and designing
Supporting and engineering services:
Geo Technique
GIS systems
GPS systems
Inspection and quality control
Destructive and none distractive tests
Vulcanize engineering and inspection
Management consulting in different fields
Ships and cargoes checking
Cladding and hard banding engineering services
Firefighting and engineering services
Safekeeping services
Telecommunication services
IT services
Specialized engineering software
Transporting services
Jumbo Carriers
Marine, air and land cargo transporting
Industrial fishing
Diving services
Custom clearing services
Cargo discharging
Lashing and stacking
Calibration services
Condition monitoring engineering services
Human resources related services
Other supporting services

  •  Industrial equipments and machineries

Electrical machineries
Magnetic machineries
Turbo expanders
Cranes and elevators
Fire fighting machineries and vehicles
Road making machineries
Electricity industry machineries
Industrial cleaning machines
Industrial tools
Cement based products
Thermal exchangers
Pigs and pipe cleaning machines
Loading and unloading machineries
Drilling equipments
Drilling posts
Drilling equipments for wells and other purposes
Temperature meters
Pressure meters
Flow meters
Vibration meters
Level meters
Weight meters
Volume meters
Industrial, automation and monitoring equipments
Engine controlling systems
Other controlling equipments and systems
Convection related tools
Industrial elements
Electrical equipments retailers
Water and sewage industrial equipments
Water treatment equipments
Water treatment chemical plants
Sprinkling equipments
General equipments
Laboratorial equipments
Oil and Gas industry laboratorial equipments
Water and sewage industry laboratorial equipments
Inspection and quality check equipments
Hydraulic and Pneumatic equipments
Heating and cooling systems
Cooling towers
Air conditioning systems
Marine equipments
Guidance, Safety and life saving equipments
Diving equipments
Ships, vessels and other kind of carriers equipments
Marine defense equipments
Constructional equipments
Telecommunication equipments
Welding equipments
Welting Apparatuses
Welding Electrodes & Powders
Topography Equipments
Office equipment
Filling and inventory Equipment
Industrial Tools
Industrial equipment
Packaging equipment
Rubber Product
Fiberglass Products & Engineering Polymer
Preserve & Transport Equipment
Campaign Equipment
Other Equipment

  • Implementation Contractors

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry Contractors                                                                            Seismic Survey Contractors
Oil & Gas Well Drilling Contractors
Drilling Services
Onshore pipeline contractors
Gas piping network
Subsea pipe laying contractors
Oil & Gas Exploitation installation contractors
Compressor and pump station contractors
Installation of petrochemical and refinery plants
Erection of oil storage tanks
Drilling jetties contractor
Exploitative jetties contractor
Buoys contractor
Offshore platforms & marine structures contractors
Port / Harbor works & Marine structure contractors
Vessels, tankers and shipbuilding
Marine vessels
Shipbuilding and tankers
Utilities & modular facilities contractors
Facilities & equipment of structures contractors
Sand blasting, industrial painting, coating and cathodic protection
Installation and rubber lining contractors
Welding contractors
Cladding & hard banding contractors
HVAC contractors
T – Building security & technology facilities contractors
Decoration contractors
Curtain wall and frontage contractors
Civil contractors
Cement injection, Concrete piles, shore up and foundation contractors
Road, railroad and airport runway contractors
Road and street renovation and repair contractors
Asphalt & canalization contractors
Road & street renovation and repair contractors
Urban rail transportation contractors
Bridge erection
Tunnel construction
Resistance, sealing and renovation structures
General contractors
Industrial contractors
Structures contractors
Heavy concrete structures contractors
Heavy steel structures contractors
Urban facilities contractors
Renovation structures contractors
Instrumentation and control systems contractors
Installation and commissioning measuring instruments contractors
Installation and commissioning automation system contractors
Calibration of measuring instrument contractors
Kind of agreement
EC – Engineering and Construction
EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction
EPIC – Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning
EPCM – Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management
MC – Managing Contract
PC – Procurement and Construction
Design, Fabrication and installation
Fabrication, installation and commissioning
O.T – build, operate, transfer project

  • Industrial services

Installation and commissioning services of equipments and machineries                                            Training for operation and maintenance
Operation and maintenance services
Maintenance, repair and manufacturing services
Maintenance, repair and according program
Machining and tooling services
Metal casting
Part coating
Manufacture of spare parts
Galvanization & plating & coating
Heat treatment and Rolling
Repair & overhaul turbo & rotary machinery

  • Materials / Products

Refinery products                                                                                                                                 Refinery products and distribution
LPG Marketing
Oils, lubricant and greases
Petrochemical products
Petrochemical based products
Petrochemical medical products
Petrochemical final products
PVC granule
Chemicals and raw materials for industries
Chemicals for petroleum, gas and petrochemical industry
Drilling fluid additives
Silicon additives
Benzene additives
Scale cleaning / oxygen and sulfur inhibitors
Humidity inhibitors material
Industrial detergents
Other chemicals
Chemicals for water
Corrosion inhibitor
Protection coating
Refractory product
Casting industry material
Building material
Tiles and ceramics
Plaster and lime
Concrete additives
Ready-made concretes & concrete parts
Industrial ceramics
Fire fighting material
Mineral powder
Base metal
Coals and cokes
Plating material

  • General services

Training and research centers                                                                                                    Technology provision and technology transfer studies institutes
Banking / Credit services and finance
Insurance services
Trading services
Law consultancy services
Accounting and auditing services
Exhibition / conference organizers
Subsistence and catering services
Publishing the book and publications
Foreign companies and representative offices in Iran
Heavy machinery and rental services

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