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IRAN RAIL EXPO 2018- 6th International Exhibition of Rail Transportation، Related Industries & Equipment

19.06.2018 — 22.06.2018
Иран, Tehran
Tehran International Permanent Fairground
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IRAN RAIL EXPO 2018- 6th International Exhibition of Rail Transportation، Related Industries & Equipment
19.06.2018 — 22.06.2018

The biggest International Exhibition of Rail Transportation and the Related Industry will be organized by the support of Ministry of Roads & Urban Development, Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade, and participation of Iran Railways, Tehran and Metropolitan Subways, Iran Rail Industry Association, RTC Guild, the School of Railway Engineering (SRE), Producers and Artisans, Related Services Companies and any other related activists and experts in rail industry and taken place in the space of over 20000 square meters at Tehran International Permanent Fairground from 19 to 22 June 2018.

Iran’s Railway Today

The Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (RAI) currently has 13000 km standard rail network and 9500 km is also under construction. In this respect, the construction of some lines are being started and needs to be participated and invested by the national and international individual sectors. By taking the Iran’s Vision Policy of 2025 into consideration, there are plans to stretch out the nationwide railroad line to 25,000 kilometers. One of the short-term plans of transportation development is to enhance and promote the current transportation of 28 million passengers to 45 million passengers. To do so, we need to add 18% passenger trains to the Rail Wagon Fleet by March 2018.

With regard to the short-term plan, the amount of freight transportation will also need to be promoted from the current state of 34 million ton to 92 million ton. RAI will also need to add 11000 freight wagons to the Rail Wagon Fleet to achieve this goal so that the market share of Railway Transportation will be 30% of freight transport and 18% of passenger transport by 2025.

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