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Wine Professional 2024

08.01.2024 — 10.01.2024
Нидерланды (Голландия), Amsterdam
RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre
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Wine Professional 2024
08.01.2024 — 10.01.2024

The importers, producers and employees are looking forward to it: the fully-fledged 22nd edition of Wine Professional, 8 to 10 January in the RAI Amsterdam. The registrations follow each other quickly. Many returning wine merchants reserve their permanent places, new importers choose the most favorable location possible.

The interest in participating in the program is also high. The possibilities are diverse. There is a cooking theater for fascinating wine and food tastings with the participation of various leading chefs. In addition, a wine theater that is especially suitable for educational wine presentations and comparative tastings, if possible with the relevant producers themselves as guest speakers. And finally, there is a tasting location for 'speed dates': small-scale presentations where an importer briefly draws attention to, for example, a new winery in its range.

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