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FOND-EX 2022

03.10.2022 — 07.10.2022
Чехия, Brno
BVV Veletrhy Brno/BVV Trade Fairs Brno
Полное название выставки
FOND-EX 2022
03.10.2022 — 07.10.2022

International Foundry Fair


The FOND-EX International Foundry Fair is an evergreen in the Brno's expo calendar. It has been held here since 1972, today as the third largest specialized foundry fair in the world and clearly the most important on the Central European market. Last year, 55 companies from 10 countries participated, of which almost one half were from abroad.

FOND-EX is a place where foundry and modelling professionals from all over the region come to explore new machines and equipment and learn about advanced technologies and materials. This position implies a high share of international participants.

FOND-EX is held concurrently with the MSV International Engine

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